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Verizon Selects DCI For Long-Term Copper & FIOS Installation Contract

Verizon Corporate Services Group Inc. has awarded a multiyear contract to Dynamic Concepts Inc. for the construction, installation, and maintenance of all aerial and underground copper, fiber, and duct facilities throughout Washington, DC, the two companies jointly announced today.

The multimillion-dollar contract extends through mid-2013 with renewal options through May 2016.

“We are enthusiastic about taking on this enormous new commitment to help our longtime client Verizon achieve its goals for enhancing telecommunications service in the Nation’s Capital,” said DCI Chairman and CEO Pedro Alfonso. “It is gratifying that Verizon has again placed its trust in DCI to perform with excellence.”

The Verizon Area Manager said the contract award signals the company’s determination to make high-speed FIOS service available to customers throughout the city and complete other cabling work as rapidly as possible.

“From years of working together, we know DCI’s strong record of delivering top-quality service on time and on budget,” the Verizon spokesperson said. “We are delighted to have DCI on board for one of Verizon’s most significant contracts in this region.”

Specifically, the contract designates DCI as the single-source provider of services encompassing the construction, installation, maintenance and utility locations for all aerial, buried, and underground copper, fiber, and duct facilities, with the associated housings, copper and FIOS buried service wire, tree-trimming, and work area protection throughout the 61 square miles of the District of Columbia. DCI will follow a work schedule determined by Verizon.

Because many federal government facilities are located in DC, including headquarters of such sensitive installations as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, DCI must follow national security regulations applicable to telecommunications services.

“Through decades of highly-complicated work for the U.S. military and other high-security federal facilities, DCI has become one of the nation’s most experienced firms in understanding and fully complying with federal security requirements,” Mr. Alfonso said. “We are proud to have this opportunity to again demonstrate our ability to help protect our nation’s safety in the course of accomplishing Verizon’s communications objectives.”


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