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Message from the President and CEO

DCI Employees and Managers:

As part of our family, we want you to know that we are committed to the safety and health of our Employees, Families and Associates. Although the Coronavirus (Covid -19) continues to spread, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) maintains that, for most people, the immediate risk of exposure to the virus in the U.S. remains low but we must be guarded.

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. will continue our normal hours of operation.

The best prevention methods are standard hygiene practices and self-monitoring, and we are taking precautions to put preventive measures in place. In addition to our current cleaning practices, we are taking a few additional steps at our DCI facilities.

  • We reviewed cleaning protocols with our entire staff and have asked that added disinfectant efforts are put into place.

  • We are ensuring our Employees have the information they need to stay healthy, and Employees not feeling well are being asked to stay home. We have also implemented Temporary Sick Pay policies to ensure our Employees can use appropriate leave if they need to self-quarantine or become sick with respiratory issues.

  • We will continue our rigorous cleaning protocols and will be using disposable disinfectant cleaning wipes throughout the company.

To help in our efforts, we ask for your cooperation in a few areas:

  • Please refrain from coming to work if you experience any cold or flu-like symptoms.

  • In your usage of the facilities and in vehicles be diligent about cleaning and wiping off machines with the disinfectant wipes, and wash hands with sanitizer or with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds prior to and after use of equipment.

  • If you have been in direct contact with someone who tested presumptive positive, please follow the CDC guidelines and refrain from coming to work until the designated time period has passed.

  • If you have traveled internationally in the last few weeks to one of the countries with Level II or Level III warnings, please follow the guidelines provided by the CDC; countries with travel alerts are located on the CDC website.

  • We closely monitor the latest announcements and guidelines from the CDC and World Health Organization and will provide updates to you as needed

We continue to focus on providing a safe work environment away from home for our employees. Please feel free to contact your DCI manager or HR with any concerns or questions.

I have asked Ronald Watkins, VP Strategic Planning, to lead our internal company Coronavirus Task Force during these trying times. The Task Force will be comprised of:

  1. Ronald Watkins, Task Force Leader

  2. Barrett Evans

  3. Tracy Baker

  4. Gabrielle Alfonso

  5. Robert Barnett

  6. Kathy Yadvish

  7. Randal Lyon

  8. Christopher Gunn, and;

  9. Pedro Alfonso

  10. Renee Martin (Admin. Support)

You will be receiving further information and instructions from Ron in the days and weeks to come.

Take care,

Pedro Alfonso President


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