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DCI Honored for Excellent Safety Record

More Than 60,000 Utility Locations Completed With No Liable Damages.

Dynamic Concepts Inc. has been honored for its outstanding safety record in carrying out more than 60,000 damage-free utility locations in the District of Columbia during a one-year period.

DCI’s Utility Locate Service (DCI-ULS) provides training, quality auditing, and safety practices to assure accurate locations of underground utilities infrastructure in advance of excavation for a variety of construction projects. If underground utilities are not accurately pinpointed, the resulting excavation can cause ruptured gas lines, breaks in water and sewer lines, and severed communications cables – posing hazards to the nearby neighborhood, costly interruptions of service to business and residential customers, and substantial property damage.

The Damage Prevention Award was presented to DCI by the Damage Prevention Committee of Maryland and the District of Columbia, an organization representing utilities and companies that adhere to the Maryland/DC “Miss Utility” location protocols. The Committee maintains an 811 Call Center to receive citizen and business requests regarding utility locations and excavations.

The Committee’s Damage Prevention Award, an honor rarely given, recognized DCI for its “twelve-month damage-free locating achievement”. The award plaque, presented at the Committee’s April 23 meeting, stated, “Your contribution to public safety and utility damage prevention is significant and appreciated by all stakeholders.”

DCI Chairman and CEO Pedro Alfonso expressed appreciation for the honor and said, “The credit goes to the entire DCI staff – from workers in the field to managers at headquarters – and their commitment to safety awareness all day every day.”

Mr. Alfonso continued, “We work hard to deliver top-quality, on-time service to our clients, and to do that, we know we must always keep safety foremost on our minds. We can only guarantee the safety of excavations if we accurately locate underground utilities. We are grateful for the Committee’s recognition of our success in doing so.”

The Committee members include Pepco, Washington Gas, WSSC, DC Water and Verizon, a longstanding DCI client that has frequently commended the excellence of DCI’s work.


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