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DCI Employees and Associates (DCI Family)

This is DCI’s follow up and communication/distribution initiative to keep all of our employees and associates informed and to describe some of the actions we’ve implemented since DCI’s initial communique Thursday, March 12th, 2020.

  1. Dynamic Concepts, Inc. will continue our normal operations, but we are implementing various procedures to protect our staff.

  2. Actions implemented

    1. We have formalized our DCI COVID-19 Task Force as listed in DCI’s March 12th communique.

      1. An email address has been established to provide information, comments, and answer questions. Employees only need to type in “Task Force” and it will auto populate the email address:

    2. Institute a corporate wide COVID-19 weekly status update conference call. The call will be held every Tuesday for managers and key personnel to distribute pertinent information regarding operations and relevant events until further notice. Initiation Date: Tuesday, 3/24/2020.

      1. All Staff questions/concerns can be submitted to the Task Force for subsequent answers/clarification provided back to the staff, via the Task Force Email address (

    3. Preventative Safety Procedures implemented

      1. Effective 3/18/2020; Temporarily suspending time clock finger printing

      2. Effective 3/19/2020; begin deep cleaning (sanitizing) all four (4) of DCI’s facilities and one (1) Client/Contractor Shared Facility.

      3. Effective 3/18/2020; begin sanitizing DCI vehicles (service trucks, pick-ups, vans, etc.) some at the facilities and others will be provided sanitary products (wipes and sprays) for cleaning while home garaged.

      4. Effective 3/23/2020; in addition to the above each vehicle and employee will be provided hand sanitizers: Frequency weekly.

      5. Effective 3/23/2020; Teleworking will be implemented for certain designated administrative support staff.

    4. Note: All these initiatives will be reviewed and evaluated as COVID-19 events evolve/dictate by the following Entities:

      1. CDC

      2. Federal, State/Local Governments

      3. Customer/Client

  3. Employee and Staff Cooperative Efforts & Safety Procedures

    1. Observe/practice, whenever possible “social distancing” – 6 feet.

    2. Limit face to face meetings and conduct conference call/virtual meetings instead.

    3. Stay in as much as possible, avoiding crowds.

    4. Continue to focus on providing a safe work environment at work, and while traveling to and from the work site/facility.

    5. Continue practicing all recommended personal hygiene practices; i.e. washing hands thoroughly (20 second rule.)

    6. Frequently wash hands and avoid touching your face

    7. Limit customer contact in field operations


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