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DCI COVID-19 Task ForceWeekly Conference Call


  1. Safety/Health Message; Robert Barnett

  2. General Update; Mr. Alfonso

  3. Current Operations Status; Ron Watkins & Barrett Evans

  4. Continued Business Operations with Modifications: Remain in Effect

  5. Observing New Health Practices

  6. Safe Distancing: 6-10 feet where possible

  7. Continuous Sanitizing and Cleaning all vehicles and offices

  8. Selected Teleworking for Admin. Staff

  9. Direct Reporting to Job Sites where possible & more home garaging where possible

  10. Observing conference calls vs. Face to Face meetings (Internal-DCI and Customer)

  11. New Developments Update: TEAM

  12. Employee Benefits & Notifications if there’s a Partial or Temporary Shutdown; Tracy Baker

  13. Brief Q&A: 2 to 3 Questions: Tracy Baker

  14. Questions and Answers from last week’s Conf. Call (3/24/2020)

  15. Question #1: Can DCI provide COVID-19 Testing for its employees?

  16. Answer #1: No, DCI cannot. Testing must be authorized and administered by a licensed Physician or Health Facility per CDC Guidelines.

  17. Question #2: Does DCI provide “Hazard Pay” during COVID-19 outbreak?

  18. Answer #2: No, the Customer nor does DCI provide “Hazard Pay” during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  19. Close; Mr. Alfonso

  20. Next Week’s Call; Submission of questions to Managers for answers on next week’s call; Ron Watkins

  21. Brief Q&A: 2 to 3 Questions

Stay Safe and Healthy

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