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DCI Celebrates 35 Years!

DCI – Hitting Our Prime At 35….

The Beginning…..

It was May 17, 1979. Americans worried about a gasoline shortage and inflation nearing 11%, newspapers reported a “critical showdown” between the White House and Congress, M*A*S*H* was popular on television, and three days later, basketball superstars Elvin Hayes and Wes Unseld would lead Washington’s team into the NBA finals. In that same year, the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” would introduce the nation to the new sensation of rap music.

The telecommunications industry was in its infancy. There were no pocket-sized cellphones, the Internet was barely more than a dream, most people had never heard of e-mail, and laptop computers were the latest new-fangled gadget attracting popular attention.

On that day, partners Pedro Alfonso and Benjamin Peasant incorporated Dynamic Concepts Inc. (DCI). The company name they chose captured the essence of the business they intended to build – a dynamically growing firm embracing the best and newest technology to serve business and government clients.

Thirty-five years later, Mr. Alfonso and Mr. Peasant, together with board member Gary Carter, remain at the helm of the firm as they prepare to celebrate DCI’s 35th anniversary.

“At 35,” said Chairman and CEO Alfonso, “we’re hitting our prime. We are an indomitable company with a customer-centric mission, always searching for the next growth opportunity, always capable of surmounting the next challenge.”

Growth and Development…..

DCI initially focused on information technology (IT) support and facilities management services to government clients. Foreseeing the coming demand for sophisticated IT services, DCI quickly expanded its expertise and became the “go-to” firm for full scale telecommunications support to U.S. military bases around the country. Among its largest military projects, DCI provided all command and control telecommunications support at the giant Vandenberg Air Force Base near Lompoc, California. DCI as an SBA 8(a) certified company graduated from the program in 1991. Throughout the 1990s, the firm expanded to provide telecommunications inside-plant and outside cable installation services to a host of large commercial and government entities. The company has been widely-praised for some well-known Washington area projects that include voice and data communications for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, Washington Nationals Major League Ballpark, FedEx Field, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, Verizon Center, Dulles International and Reagan National Airports, and the Social Security Administration’s national headquarters.

Hitting Our Stride…..

By 2010, DCI had expanded to a full scale infrastructure firm providing exclusive outside plant infrastructure services for Verizon’s FiOS fiber services. Motivated by its “full service for the customer” philosophy, DCI then launched a new wholly-owned entity dedicated to underground utility locating services required by the Miss Utility laws that enable builders and utilities to excavate safely.

In 2013, DCI took a major leap forward with the acquisition of a major trenching and construction company and its contracts to provide infrastructure services for gas pipeline installations and maintenance throughout the Washington metropolitan region. It was DCI’s second business acquisition as it has grown into a national firm serving government and private-sector clients with an ever-widening catalog of complex project management, telecommunications, infrastructure, and construction services and products.

To support the firm’s reach for the sky throughout these growth years, DCI relied on Access National Bank, a regional financial lender. Today, DCI offers comprehensive end-to-end services and products to meet diverse and constantly-evolving customer requirements. As partners to companies such as Verizon, Washington Gas, Pepco, Motorola, Clark Construction, WMATA, Xerox, and Turner Construction, DCI draws upon global expertise and products to deliver best-in-class solutions to its clients.

Foundation for the Future…..

DCI has grown from four employees at the beginning to more than 200 today, thus becoming a vital provider of jobs in the Washington region. The firm’s stable, well-compensated jobs have helped employees’ families share in DCI’s prosperity. DCI attributes its success and longevity to three key elements: a customer-comes-first culture with keen attention to detail, a talented workforce committed to delivering excellence to clients from coast to coast, and management’s ability to see around the next corner into the future and execute decisions that take the firm steadily forward. On that foundation, the DCI team sprints into 2014 and beyond.


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