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Our Services

DCI offers an array of enterprise technology installation, design and construction solutions. Success is ensured with every project we undertake.

Network Cabling

The caliber and performance of voice and data systems and the transport networks they run on can mean the difference between success and failure in today’s fast paced business environment.

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Telecommunications Outside Plant

In the continually evolving telecommunications industry, Dynamic Concepts, Inc. (DCI) offers seamless solutions to meet our customer’s Outside Plant (OSP) needs.

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Utility Infrastructure and Locate

Dynamic Concepts, Inc. provides underground utility construction and locating services to public utilities and the private sector.

Utility Infrastructure and Locate - Read More…

Wireless Communications

DCI gives companies the edge they need to be more efficient. We offer the expertise of professionals with decades of combined experience in radio frequency (RF) systems.

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Security and Video Surveillance

Security systems development begins with determining the specific security program objectives as well as the direction security should take in the ongoing management of your operations. At that point DCI can then provide proactive security solutions to help mitigate risk.

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Information Technology (IT)

Technology constantly exceeds all expected boundaries in the modern day enterprise so IT Networks must meet those challenges with ready to deploy, scaleable, cost effective global solutions.

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Project and Construction Management

DCI takes on the task of managing a project’s deadlines, subcontracting needs, test and acceptance issues and virtually any major project needing coordination and management. With DCI at the helm, customers have a single point of contact and accountability to manage infrastructure projects from beginning to end - and make sure work is completed on time and on budget.

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Operations and Maintenance

The complexity of supporting an entire facility through the outsourcing of critical operations requires a diversified firm with overall project management experience, including expertise in personnel deployment, resource allocation, equipment procurement and maintenance, and effective performance of daily operations.

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